J. Wilmouth Memorial Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in the Jean F. Wilmouth Memorial Scholarship of the Pittsburgh Golden Triangle AOSA. The goals of this scholarship are to:

1. Memorialize the profound contributions of Mr. Wilmouth to both the local and national music education community.

2. Honor Mr. Wilmouth’s legacy of excellence in music education.

3. Further Mr. Wilmouth’s vision of teacher training in the Orff-Schulwerk pedagogical method.

To this end, the Jean F. Wilmouth Memorial Scholarship shall provide $500 dollars of financial aid to be used toward the tuition and related costs of a Teacher Training Certification “Levels” Course in Orff-Schulwerk pedagogy offered in Summer of 2020.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause. We truly appreciate your help in spreading the love of Orff-Schulwerk to more teachers.

This scholarship is scheduled to be awarded during the Spring of 2020.  Potential applicants should check back at a later date for application information and procedures.